For many years I have been convinced I’m psychic. Specifically, a TV psychic. There were certain flirtations with other phenomena when I was little. I used to believe for example, that my bluebird of happiness ring possessed the power to influence the physical world if I simultaneously thought of an event and swivelled it around […]

Back in June, it was my friend’s birthday and to her party I had offered to bring the birthday cake. Unfortunately, not only did I get the date of the party wrong (discovered by virtue of a rather awkward text asking where I was), but on the day I finally arrived, the cake itself was […]

Being only three, my recollection of nursery is patchy at best. But one thing I am certain of: I wasn’t popular. It was the 80s and Sydney suburbia so it didn’t take much to be considered socially leftfield. My dad has on occasion alluded to the possibility that the way I dressed had something to […]

In November 2012 I had a miscarriage. It feels as though I’m using the word loosely, even though technically that’s what it was. There was no drama, no blood loss, no bending over in pain. No complications of any sort. It was just one of those things – one moment it was there, and the […]

In the words favoured by almost all politicians, let me be clear: I’m not actually discussing sex with my under four. But the subject has begun to percolate in my mind as I recognise the beginnings of a certain form of curiosity in her behaviour. She had already immersed herself in all things princess, but […]

Many a time is there when I consider the Doc and I ill-suited as a couple, so different in temperament, likes and behaviours as we are. Then there are times I think we are perhaps ill-suited by virtue of some of our resounding similarities – so alike in our anxieties as we are that neither […]

Okay. So she ain’t the prettiest bowl to ever grace a table. However, I would largely attribute that to a case of poor food photography skills on my part. She is, in fact, a rather tasty and nutritious staple in our house. This is a meal my mother used to cook regularly for us, particularly […]


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