Monthly Archives: August 2012

Nowhere Stairs

I have never felt as ashen-faced and truly exhausted as I do today. Having found myself getting excited all week at the prospect of a Saturday morning lie-in, I now sit, disappointed at my early rise, with a wall of laundry staring menacingly at me from across the room.  A quiet, private hell. It is […]

Idiots and Earwigs

  When I was a little girl, I would often wonder at the point of things.   “Why do mosquitoes exist, Mumma?” I would ask desperately, vigorously scratching at my swollen bites. Or, centrepedes? What purpose do they serve?   One of my favourite things to do as a young girl in Sydney on a Saturday afternoon […]

Pregnant Dreams

In the late stages of my pregnancy (circa October 2010), I lacked the mental dexterity to commit complete sentences to my daily journal, the majority of brain space directed instead toward The Tudors box set.  To ensure that at least the odd thought was recorded, I frequently jotted down the bare details of dreams I […]

No Accounting for Taste

Last Thursday, I wore a truly terrible outfit to work (see photo).  While the impact of this faux pas is slightly obscured by the wonderful vintage effects of my iphone (and this of course, is deliberate; I’m not going to completely incriminate myself, am I now), be assured: this combination of items really didn’t work.  […]

Invasion of the Sanctimonious Mummies

After arriving at the GP reception yesterday, weary with what would later be diagnosed as viral arthritis (yes, it is as unpleasant as it sounds), with the child uncomfortably along for the ride, I was forced to answer the inane questions of another waiting patient.  She fawned over my daughter, whilst tearing out pages from […]