Monthly Archives: September 2012

We’re here for the clothes, not the toys

Breton-style tops have long been a staple in my wardrobe. Partly because, in my  adolescent Sydney mind, everything French (or broadly continental) was super cool, and partly because a Breton top makes even a truly boring outfit look marginally stylish.  Clearly this is the thinking of most people as the Breton shirt (and all its […]

Dream Three

This is a sort of three in one. I was standing in an airport and was told that I had successfully got some sort of administrative role with one of the flight companies, but I had to tell everyone they were fired.  Then there was a hunky celebrity involved, like Chris Hemsworth, but I can’t […]

Dream Two

I was in a leafy, slightly suburban area that ran alongside a vast nature reserve.  I had Astrid with me and may have been shopping – or something of that ilk.  I was well-dressed and had a number of designer shopping bags hanging off me and seemed to be acting the part of an irritatingly […]

Dream One

I was hanging out around the city centre.  Various people were with me who I recognised (people from recent places of employment, etc), all jumbled together as some sort of crew, like high school kids.  We may have been watching something at an outdoor cinema in a city that felt somewhere between Sydney and London […]

Dear Zoo

I like to think of myself as someone who avoids clichés.  But in truth, I’m more prone to their usage than most people I know. ‘The Terrible Twos’ is one such platitude and one I’m particularly loathe to employ.  Yet, there is a certain universality to this particular period of a child’s development that perhaps […]