Dream Two

I was in a leafy, slightly suburban area that ran alongside a vast nature reserve.  I had Astrid with me and may have been shopping – or something of that ilk.  I was well-dressed and had a number of designer shopping bags hanging off me and seemed to be acting the part of an irritatingly upper-middle-class housewife (that could be the influence of my recent Entourage watching).  I hailed a taxi and got in with Astrid, waving my bangled hand at him to take me somewhere or other.  We were about two minutes down the road when I realised I had forgotten something and I, rather arrogantly,  asked (told) him to turn the taxi around.

“Why?” He asked, rolling his eyes.  I think I looked at him, rather stunned.  Because I need you to, I might have said.



“I don’t want to” he said and then began to avail me with details of the time of his shift change, etc.  I may have said that I didn’t really care and could he just do as I asked.

Then the dream took a sinister turn as he pulled off the main road and began driving down a dirt track into the woodland reserve.  I began to feel panic surge through my stomach and up to my throat and my breath became rapid and short.

What the fuck are you doing? I was becoming shrill.

He stopped the car and turned to look at me.  He was white and pudgy and his blue eyes looked vacant and malefic.  He didn’t say anything but his eyes filled me with terror.  I knew that he was about to do horrible things to me and I would be unable to stop it.  I opened the door and pushed Astrid out and screamed at her to run as fear took hold of me, like lead in my blood.  I turned back and saw those watery eyes staring at me and woke up.


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