Monthly Archives: October 2012

Why losing child benefit is not so beneficial

The Tory-led government, as part of its mandate to cut welfare expenditure by a further £10 billion, intends to limit the reach of Child Benefit.  On January 7 next year, many moderate income families will lose their Child Benefit payments.  Those earning salaries between £50 – £60,000 will lose payments on a sliding scale, while […]

Dream Five

Last night I dreamt I was organising my work AGM which seemed inordinately complicated.  I was instructed by the Chair that I had to open the meeting with a brief word of welcome.  I stood in front of a lecture theatre full of lawyers and metaphorically began to shit myself, fumbling with my words and […]

Dream Four

Last night I had a dreadful sleep.  Intermittent, restless and completely lacking in-depth.  The only foreseeable benefit to this horrendous form of sleep(lessness) is that that is the time I am subject to the most lurid dreamscapes imaginable.  In the context of last night however, I’m probably overstating the point.  The following weren’t so much […]

Still Life in Domestic Mundanity

Perhaps the title suggests a more negative situation than reality really warrants.  The domestic realm is potent with dialectical opposition.  On the one hand, it is frustrating, tedious and symptomatic of an almost oppressive mental inertia.  It is also often fraught with gender imbalance, exploitation and the inexorable whittling away of the soul as one […]

If only there WAS a light bulb…

When I was seventeen or so, a psychiatrist told me, among other things, that I exhibited signs of anxiety and social phobia.  My GP, tasked with prescribing me my subsequent anti-anxiety drugs, suggested that I arm myself more adequately for social situations, for example, by reading the newspaper.  At the time, I was so affronted […]