Dream Four

Last night I had a dreadful sleep.  Intermittent, restless and completely lacking in-depth.  The only foreseeable benefit to this horrendous form of sleep(lessness) is that that is the time I am subject to the most lurid dreamscapes imaginable.  In the context of last night however, I’m probably overstating the point.  The following weren’t so much lurid as innocuous but so starkly real that I had trouble recalling if they were dreams or genuine experiences.

First… I was unloading the grocery shopping.  I had been to some bourgeois farmers’ market and spent a fortune on fresh eggs, but every time I pulled out a half a dozen carton and opened it, the eggs were all broken.  Carton after carton, beautiful little eggs, all different sizes and colours, with scrappy bits of poo and feather still glued to them, cracked and ruined, yolks spilling everywhere.

Not sure what that was supposed to signify.

Second… I found a fantastic Greek frozen yogurt bar.  But I remain convinced that I actually saw that somewhere.  I love frozen yogurt.


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