Monthly Archives: March 2013

Garlic, butter and undertones of nostalgia

Generally I avoid the recipe blog.  One, I don’t consider myself an especially gifted cook and therefore passing on dishes seems not only conceited but just odd, and two, it’s not really what I’m about (although I have no idea what I am about, I just know that cooking isn’t really it).  Even more so, […]

Willow. Like the tree.

Any sign of incompetence or a lack of professionalism in others is a major bugbear of mine.  Normally a relatively patient person (I hear some of you scoff, but it’s true, I am), when faced with any form of ineptitude, I transform into a kind of repressed succubus who’s searing rage can barely contain itself.  […]

The penguin silicon cover

An utterly ridiculous accessory for a grown woman to sport, I admit, but it serves a dual purpose.  I promise. One, it protects my phone, which, after dropping it for the first time recently, I discovered the subsequently bruised device was desperately in need of.  Two, it acts as an effective tractor beam when attempting […]

Like wet rich tea biscuits

Paul Smith claims you can find inspiration in everything. So unflinching is his belief in this adage, that he wrote a book about it. I know, I used to have to flog it at Christmas time in my years as a sales assistant with Paul Smith Ltd. The silvery dust cover still haunts me. I […]