The penguin silicon cover

photo (10)An utterly ridiculous accessory for a grown woman to sport, I admit, but it serves a dual purpose.  I promise.

One, it protects my phone, which, after dropping it for the first time recently, I discovered the subsequently bruised device was desperately in need of.  Two, it acts as an effective tractor beam when attempting to capture the notoriously evasive face of one small Lady Chubs.  As a result, my portraiture capabilities of small children are far more successful.

That sounds genuinely creepy.  I didn’t mean it to.

If you are ever in the market for such an item, it costs all of £1.99 from Ebay, and delivery is free!  (One must grab excitement where one can in these dark days of austerity.).

It comes with a warning however: be sure to remove before going into any professional situations.  I learnt this the hard way, when, at a meeting with a room full of barristers at HM Treasury, I withdrew my phone from my bag to efficiently provide a date from my calendar, only to show them all the face of this inane and stupidly rectangular penguin.


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