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Do Two Rooms Make a Right?

Contemporary history is dotted with intellectual and artistic couples who are held up as icons of non-traditional connubiality.  While it is perhaps expected that those of age or indeed royalty may sleep in separate rooms (Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinbugh for instance),  the likes of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Jean-Paul Sartre […]

Pregnancy: being the bigger person

Once a certain a mount of time has elapsed after having a child, a woman may forget the trepidation and nuisance of pregnancy and begin to look upon the prospect of a second child in a glorious nostalgic light.  Similarly, those women who have not yet had a child may look upon the prospect with […]

The man in the room

Daddies, there must be no checking of phones or watches during labour, the midwife leading my antenatal class warned in a thick Swedish accent.  Giving birth is extremely hard work and while it may seem boring or slow to you at times, you can be sure that’s not how your partner is experiencing it. I’m […]