Monthly Archives: April 2014

Bacon and burning heretics: why I’m advocating vegetarianism (sort of)

Having spent many of my formative years under the influence of vegetarianism, the diet has always held a certain sway in my way of eating. I can recall vivid images of tofu ice cream in our household freezer, of kejap manis marinated tempeh crisping under the grill, and the unctuous potato mash topping of my […]

Dinner, Vinyl and Domestic Harmony

What I’m about to discuss may be painfully obvious to many. Yet if it acts as a revelation (as it did me) for just one person, I will be very happy indeed. We, the Doc and I, are in the extremely fortunate position wherein I work from home and his office is a ten minute […]

Curried cauliflower and peas: a recipe with a pleasing result

As I’ve stipulated on previous occasions, I’m not generally one for advice blogging, particularly when it comes to parenting or food. Largely because I don’t consider myself an especially consummate cook, nor consummate parent for that matter. However, when I happen upon something that works, I do feel a certain obligation – in the spirit […]

Dream Eight: Mooncups

A couple of weeks ago, I dreamt I bought a Mooncup. I was sitting on a bus seat – oddly the one outside my high school in Sydney – with a close current London-based friend of mine. I was waxing lyrical to her about my latest purchase. Twenty pound, I was saying. A bit of […]