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Dumb and dumber. Or, can two dummies make a right?

Many a time is there when I consider the Doc and I ill-suited as a couple, so different in temperament, likes and behaviours as we are. Then there are times I think we are perhaps ill-suited by virtue of some of our resounding similarities – so alike in our anxieties as we are that neither […]

Lentil Soup – my contribution to Meat Free May

Okay. So she ain’t the prettiest bowl to ever grace a table. However, I would largely attribute that to a case of poor food photography skills on my part. She is, in fact, a rather tasty and nutritious staple in our house. This is a meal my mother used to cook regularly for us, particularly […]

Imaginary conversations and how I manage depression

A few months back, I got depressed. Not blue or a little bit sad, but throw-myself-on-the-floor, weeping, screaming, bathroom-wall-punching-until-my-knuckles-bleed, jump-in-front-of-a-bus depressed. I would wake up in the morning (from not sleeping) and feel as if I was underwater, the weight of it crushing down on me. My words coming out like bubbling murmurs. An incessant […]

Dream Seven: Intergalactic Beauty Pageants

Originally posted on The Vacillating Mother:
Unlike the terror-filled apocalyptic dreams of late, last night’s was in some senses a little more prosaic, though not without its oddness.  The organisation I work for (in conscious life) was (in the dream) sponsoring a kind of high-brow beauty pageant – if such a thing exists.  The idea,…