Dream Seven: Intergalactic Beauty Pageants

One from the archives…

The Vacillating Mother

a-guide-to-beauty-pagaent-secrets.WidePlayer Unlike the terror-filled apocalyptic dreams of late, last night’s was in some senses a little more prosaic, though not without its oddness.  The organisation I work for (in conscious life) was (in the dream) sponsoring a kind of high-brow beauty pageant – if such a thing exists.  The idea, I gather, was to have a selection of women who were not only striking to look at, but were also great achievers in the field of human rights and law.  It was a bizarre amalgamation of abject sexism and serious female intellectual achievement – a combination I clearly had difficulty reconciling in the dream, as I stood at the periphery, clipboard in hand with a look of confused derision on my face.  I was there as a representative of the committee sponsoring the event and while not at all responsible for its management, I was there to oversee it and ensure…

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