Monthly Archives: September 2014

Dreams of Eviction

Last night I dreamt that my landlady wanted us out. In my dream the flat was the same one we live in in reality, located in South London, with the same annoyingly abundant downlights that blow far too frequently. Though, as is often the case in dreams, the flat was amalgamated with various fragmented memories […]


Sometimes I doubt my commitment to my online profile. Sometimes I forget what my motivation is and the point of the exercise (the exercise of blogging) gets lost. By that I mean, the whole premise for the blog’s existence was to draw me out of the confines of a written journal in the hopes of […]

Am I Psychic or Just Unoriginal?

For many years I have been convinced I’m psychic. Specifically, a TV psychic. There were certain flirtations with other phenomena when I was little. I used to believe for example, that my bluebird of happiness ring possessed the power to influence the physical world if I simultaneously thought of an event and swivelled it around […]