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Less Alan Rickman, more Jane Birkin

What a flabby, pimply, listless mess I’ve become these past few months. So laborious is the prospect of writing, that my muscles have deteriorated into rolls of useless wobbly flesh. When will this treacle-filled trouser sensation wear off so that I might become the spritely vessel of productive exuberance I so long for? But it’s […]

The Year of Living Precariously

Autumn is probably the most evocative season for me. The smell of damp earth with its undertones of entropy, and the freshness and slight Arctic bite of the air is welcome reprieve after the humidity and pong of summer. In fashion terms, it’s my favourite time of year—being able to dust off and don my […]

Typos and the black hole of incompetance

Clearly, it’s been a while between blogs – much to my chagrin.  This is, in part, due to the demands of work and family and, in part, my own mental lethargy.  And while the latter is by no means a new phenomenon for me, some of its more recent manifestations are. I speak here particularly […]