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Teetotal: my summer of…fun?

It seems unfestive—malcontented even—to attempt to give up drinking during the summer time, the season being so synonymous with the smell of barbecues and the cheer of get-togethers where a drink in hand is ubiquitous, if not essential. But that is precisely what I intend to do. There is a passage early in his book My […]

Less Alan Rickman, more Jane Birkin

What a flabby, pimply, listless mess I’ve become these past few months. So laborious is the prospect of writing, that my muscles have deteriorated into rolls of useless wobbly flesh. When will this treacle-filled trouser sensation wear off so that I might become the spritely vessel of productive exuberance I so long for? But it’s […]

Dream Seven: Intergalactic Beauty Pageants

Originally posted on The Vacillating Mother:
Unlike the terror-filled apocalyptic dreams of late, last night’s was in some senses a little more prosaic, though not without its oddness.  The organisation I work for (in conscious life) was (in the dream) sponsoring a kind of high-brow beauty pageant – if such a thing exists.  The idea,…

Ugly Feet: Does the NHS subsidise pedicures?

Having worked for many years in shoe retail, I have been privy to many a foot.  Battered ones, bunioned ones, corned ones, taloned ones, ones with missing toes… none of which have ever bothered me (the missing toe one threw me for a moment, but very rapidly piqued my interest). Ugliness in feet is something […]