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Bacon and burning heretics: why I’m advocating vegetarianism (sort of)

Having spent many of my formative years under the influence of vegetarianism, the diet has always held a certain sway in my way of eating. I can recall vivid images of tofu ice cream in our household freezer, of kejap manis marinated tempeh crisping under the grill, and the unctuous potato mash topping of my […]

Phones and Fiction

“You say you are quite prepared to write novels in which people go around with personal electronic devices in their pockets” writes JM Coetzee to Paul Auster.  “I must say I am not.  The telephone is about as far as I will go in a book, and then reluctantly.  If people are continually going to […]

Like wet rich tea biscuits

Paul Smith claims you can find inspiration in everything. So unflinching is his belief in this adage, that he wrote a book about it. I know, I used to have to flog it at Christmas time in my years as a sales assistant with Paul Smith Ltd. The silvery dust cover still haunts me. I […]