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‘It’ll Pass’: Discipline and Breakdowns

Last night I drank a little too much and found myself wide awake at 3am, dehydrated and my mind reeling. The thoughts were rife with paranoia and yet about matters which were so utterly banal, I found myself getting ever more frustrated and therefore further unable to sleep. And rapid thoughts too. So rapid that […]

Dumb and dumber. Or, can two dummies make a right?

Many a time is there when I consider the Doc and I ill-suited as a couple, so different in temperament, likes and behaviours as we are. Then there are times I think we are perhaps ill-suited by virtue of some of our resounding similarities – so alike in our anxieties as we are that neither […]

Is Romance Dead? Me and my furniture analogy

A few months after the birth of my first child, a piece of my tooth fell out whilst strolling in the park (I may have mentioned this before. If so, please bear with, hopefully the context is slightly different).  It was alarming because it seemed unprovoked – I hadn’t been chewing on anything, nor had […]

Still Life in Domestic Mundanity

Perhaps the title suggests a more negative situation than reality really warrants.  The domestic realm is potent with dialectical opposition.  On the one hand, it is frustrating, tedious and symptomatic of an almost oppressive mental inertia.  It is also often fraught with gender imbalance, exploitation and the inexorable whittling away of the soul as one […]

Nowhere Stairs

I have never felt as ashen-faced and truly exhausted as I do today. Having found myself getting excited all week at the prospect of a Saturday morning lie-in, I now sit, disappointed at my early rise, with a wall of laundry staring menacingly at me from across the room.  A quiet, private hell. It is […]

Women can have it all, as long as they do it all

Several years ago now I remember sitting on the sofa at home, reveling in one of my sporadic indulgences in midday TV crap. Mona Lisa Smile had just been released in cinemas and Oprah Winfrey was interviewing the entire cast on her show – hideous film, but the panel discussion between the talkshow queen herself, […]