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Less Alan Rickman, more Jane Birkin

What a flabby, pimply, listless mess I’ve become these past few months. So laborious is the prospect of writing, that my muscles have deteriorated into rolls of useless wobbly flesh. When will this treacle-filled trouser sensation wear off so that I might become the spritely vessel of productive exuberance I so long for? But it’s […]

Falling Forward (and the importance of sleep)

Back in June, it was my friend’s birthday and to her party I had offered to bring the birthday cake. Unfortunately, not only did I get the date of the party wrong (discovered by virtue of a rather awkward text asking where I was), but on the day I finally arrived, the cake itself was […]

Lentil Soup – my contribution to Meat Free May

Okay. So she ain’t the prettiest bowl to ever grace a table. However, I would largely attribute that to a case of poor food photography skills on my part. She is, in fact, a rather tasty and nutritious staple in our house. This is a meal my mother used to cook regularly for us, particularly […]

Bacon and burning heretics: why I’m advocating vegetarianism (sort of)

Having spent many of my formative years under the influence of vegetarianism, the diet has always held a certain sway in my way of eating. I can recall vivid images of tofu ice cream in our household freezer, of kejap manis marinated tempeh crisping under the grill, and the unctuous potato mash topping of my […]

Dinner, Vinyl and Domestic Harmony

What I’m about to discuss may be painfully obvious to many. Yet if it acts as a revelation (as it did me) for just one person, I will be very happy indeed. We, the Doc and I, are in the extremely fortunate position wherein I work from home and his office is a ten minute […]

Curried cauliflower and peas: a recipe with a pleasing result

As I’ve stipulated on previous occasions, I’m not generally one for advice blogging, particularly when it comes to parenting or food. Largely because I don’t consider myself an especially consummate cook, nor consummate parent for that matter. However, when I happen upon something that works, I do feel a certain obligation – in the spirit […]

A vague recipe for completely inauthentic dal

I am eternally grateful for the fact that my daughter seems to have quite the palate for spice; a feature which I attribute primarily to her Guyanese heritage, although an equally arbitrary reasoning would be that I consumed a hell of a lot spice during her gestation, or that everyone on both sides of her […]