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Litter, litter everywhere…

What goes through people’s’ minds when they dump rubbish on the street?  Where do they think it goes?  Do they operate under some child-like belief that pixies and elves come and fetch it in the night and place it in designated refuse areas, or do they simply not think about it at all?  I would […]

Willow. Like the tree.

Any sign of incompetence or a lack of professionalism in others is a major bugbear of mine.  Normally a relatively patient person (I hear some of you scoff, but it’s true, I am), when faced with any form of ineptitude, I transform into a kind of repressed succubus who’s searing rage can barely contain itself.  […]

Idiots and Earwigs

  When I was a little girl, I would often wonder at the point of things.   “Why do mosquitoes exist, Mumma?” I would ask desperately, vigorously scratching at my swollen bites. Or, centrepedes? What purpose do they serve?   One of my favourite things to do as a young girl in Sydney on a Saturday afternoon […]

Invasion of the Sanctimonious Mummies

After arriving at the GP reception yesterday, weary with what would later be diagnosed as viral arthritis (yes, it is as unpleasant as it sounds), with the child uncomfortably along for the ride, I was forced to answer the inane questions of another waiting patient.  She fawned over my daughter, whilst tearing out pages from […]