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Dumb and dumber. Or, can two dummies make a right?

Many a time is there when I consider the Doc and I ill-suited as a couple, so different in temperament, likes and behaviours as we are. Then there are times I think we are perhaps ill-suited by virtue of some of our resounding similarities – so alike in our anxieties as we are that neither […]

Mary Poppins

Last week, a friend from abroad (well, Scotland) came to stay with me. One of my more academic and intensely cerebral of friends, she has the kind of analytical eye which perceives social connections within the world with laser beam accuracy and verbally articulates her findings in the most enviably eloquent fashion as to leave […]

On Networking

A very dear and hard-working friend of mine has made a name for herself amongst political circles. The “unfucker” they call her: if a situation or event seems fucked up, they request her services to help unfuck it. After much volunteering along the campaign trail, she has proved herself an indispensable component in the great […]

Is Romance Dead? Me and my furniture analogy

A few months after the birth of my first child, a piece of my tooth fell out whilst strolling in the park (I may have mentioned this before. If so, please bear with, hopefully the context is slightly different).  It was alarming because it seemed unprovoked – I hadn’t been chewing on anything, nor had […]

Boys are rotten, made out of cotton…

It doesn’t matter what we have, boy or girl, as long as it’s healthy… This is generally the sentence most parents-to-be warble out when pressed by others as to what their gender preference is for the coming baby. Expressing a desire for one over the other feels like not simply a matter of tempting fate […]

The sexual division of labour… And money.

Last Friday, in his Guardian column, Tim Lott wrote about the discrepancies in income between he and his partner and the issues that ensued as a result.  The Doc sent the link to me, asking for my views as it was something he was discussing with a couple of his friends.  It was a very […]