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Mired in shit

Much has been neglected of late. My friends, my children, my health and wellbeing—my appearance, definitely. But of all the areas neglected, my blog continues to suffer the greatest offence. Fortunately, it is indifferent to its suffering. Rather it just sits there, ambivalent and unremarkable. It’s not for want of trying. Perversely, it feels as […]

Dreams of Eviction

Last night I dreamt that my landlady wanted us out. In my dream the flat was the same one we live in in reality, located in South London, with the same annoyingly abundant downlights that blow far too frequently. Though, as is often the case in dreams, the flat was amalgamated with various fragmented memories […]

A Life of rent

My parents didn’t own their own home until they were in their forties – well, my mother just into them and my father perhaps slightly shy of them.  Before that, we rented.  Four houses in total but the house at 2a Wylde Street, Telopea, a northwest suburb of Sydney, is the one to which most […]

Upcycling: creative antidote to the economically depressed

Austerity.  That amorphous being, that post-2008 malaise.  Like a guest that’s come to live with you: irritating and intrusive.  And yet while you wish almost every day they would leave, you can’t quite remember what daily life was like before their arrival.  It’s a concept so deeply embedded in the national psyche now that we […]

Is Romance Dead? Me and my furniture analogy

A few months after the birth of my first child, a piece of my tooth fell out whilst strolling in the park (I may have mentioned this before. If so, please bear with, hopefully the context is slightly different).  It was alarming because it seemed unprovoked – I hadn’t been chewing on anything, nor had […]

I like my Dyson but I LOVE my Bugaboo (amended)

Expressing very human emotions – love, hate for example – for an inanimate object has always baffled me somewhat.  As people, we tend to fetishise things to the point where they are no longer simply ‘things’, but objects of near human character with personalities, temperaments and the capacity to evoke emotional responses in others.  It […]

The sexual division of labour… And money.

Last Friday, in his Guardian column, Tim Lott wrote about the discrepancies in income between he and his partner and the issues that ensued as a result.  The Doc sent the link to me, asking for my views as it was something he was discussing with a couple of his friends.  It was a very […]