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Hakuna Matata: Why Unpopularity Shouldn’t Be a Worry

Being only three, my recollection of nursery is patchy at best. But one thing I am certain of: I wasn’t popular. It was the 80s and Sydney suburbia so it didn’t take much to be considered socially leftfield. My dad has on occasion alluded to the possibility that the way I dressed had something to […]

Whist your noise and hand me that gin… drinking in pregnancy

A couple of weeks ago I was in the pub with the Doc, accompanying him to what could loosely be described as a  reunion with a number of his old uni pals.  It was a relatively summery day (although you wouldn’t have known it from the dankness of the public house), so when asked what […]

Who ate all the pies?

When circumstance comes between me and my food, I get mad.  Not mad as in a bit cross, but as in violent, unhinged mad.  And today proved to be one of those days, where the hungry beast was unleashed. Having been denied childcare today due to a chicken pox outbreak, my working day was interrupted.  […]

If only there WAS a light bulb…

When I was seventeen or so, a psychiatrist told me, among other things, that I exhibited signs of anxiety and social phobia.  My GP, tasked with prescribing me my subsequent anti-anxiety drugs, suggested that I arm myself more adequately for social situations, for example, by reading the newspaper.  At the time, I was so affronted […]