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‘It’ll Pass’: Discipline and Breakdowns

Last night I drank a little too much and found myself wide awake at 3am, dehydrated and my mind reeling. The thoughts were rife with paranoia and yet about matters which were so utterly banal, I found myself getting ever more frustrated and therefore further unable to sleep. And rapid thoughts too. So rapid that […]

‘A cup of tea, a bex and a good lie down’: (not) managing signs of mental decline

Monday morning at Brockwell Lido cafe.  I’ve met a friend, our children in tow, for a play in the park.  With me being my characteristically twenty minutes late and the weather having transformed from sunny and Spring-like to chucking it down with rain, we abandon the park and go for coffee instead. I’m not feeling […]

Child Two: How Many is Enough?

In September 2013, my second child and first son was born.* Roughly three weeks earlier than his rather moot ‘due date’ and after consuming a considerable portion of porridge whilst watching Saturday morning children’s television, I was stricken with portentous pains in my lower back and nether regions.  Recognising these immediately as labour pains, I […]