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Consider the Kale…

I was first introduced to kale at a work dinner a few years ago. I was seated down, a hot plate of roasted lamb positioned in front of me, when a waitperson sidled up, silver tray in hand, and enquired: ‘Curly kale, madam?’ The rather whimsical prefix of ‘curly’ seemed somewhat at odds with the […]

Lentil Soup – my contribution to Meat Free May

Okay. So she ain’t the prettiest bowl to ever grace a table. However, I would largely attribute that to a case of poor food photography skills on my part. She is, in fact, a rather tasty and nutritious staple in our house. This is a meal my mother used to cook regularly for us, particularly […]

Curried cauliflower and peas: a recipe with a pleasing result

As I’ve stipulated on previous occasions, I’m not generally one for advice blogging, particularly when it comes to parenting or food. Largely because I don’t consider myself an especially consummate cook, nor consummate parent for that matter. However, when I happen upon something that works, I do feel a certain obligation – in the spirit […]