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Falling Forward (and the importance of sleep)

Back in June, it was my friend’s birthday and to her party I had offered to bring the birthday cake. Unfortunately, not only did I get the date of the party wrong (discovered by virtue of a rather awkward text asking where I was), but on the day I finally arrived, the cake itself was […]

Pregnancy: being the bigger person

Once a certain a mount of time has elapsed after having a child, a woman may forget the trepidation and nuisance of pregnancy and begin to look upon the prospect of a second child in a glorious nostalgic light.  Similarly, those women who have not yet had a child may look upon the prospect with […]

The man in the room

Daddies, there must be no checking of phones or watches during labour, the midwife leading my antenatal class warned in a thick Swedish accent.  Giving birth is extremely hard work and while it may seem boring or slow to you at times, you can be sure that’s not how your partner is experiencing it. I’m […]

Trying to be who I am

I had caught wind of the advent of Lena Dunham’s Girls on Twitter a while back but had thought nothing of it.  I then read an article in the London Review of Books about it and my curiosity was somewhat more peaked.  Then, last week, after feeling very sick and incapable of any genuinely productive […]

Why losing child benefit is not so beneficial

The Tory-led government, as part of its mandate to cut welfare expenditure by a further £10 billion, intends to limit the reach of Child Benefit.  On January 7 next year, many moderate income families will lose their Child Benefit payments.  Those earning salaries between £50 – £60,000 will lose payments on a sliding scale, while […]

Dear Zoo

I like to think of myself as someone who avoids clichés.  But in truth, I’m more prone to their usage than most people I know. ‘The Terrible Twos’ is one such platitude and one I’m particularly loathe to employ.  Yet, there is a certain universality to this particular period of a child’s development that perhaps […]

No Accounting for Taste

Last Thursday, I wore a truly terrible outfit to work (see photo).  While the impact of this faux pas is slightly obscured by the wonderful vintage effects of my iphone (and this of course, is deliberate; I’m not going to completely incriminate myself, am I now), be assured: this combination of items really didn’t work.  […]