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‘It’ll Pass’: Discipline and Breakdowns

Last night I drank a little too much and found myself wide awake at 3am, dehydrated and my mind reeling. The thoughts were rife with paranoia and yet about matters which were so utterly banal, I found myself getting ever more frustrated and therefore further unable to sleep. And rapid thoughts too. So rapid that […]

The Yips

On numerous occasions since we’ve been together, the Doc has referred to a period in his youth when he was a rather good fast bowler. Until he got ‘the yips’. Now, being the huge cricket enthusiast that he continues to be, I can discern a slight forlornness in his eyes when we stumble upon a […]

Falling Forward (and the importance of sleep)

Back in June, it was my friend’s birthday and to her party I had offered to bring the birthday cake. Unfortunately, not only did I get the date of the party wrong (discovered by virtue of a rather awkward text asking where I was), but on the day I finally arrived, the cake itself was […]

How to be a prize c**t

A couple of years ago, someone I loved told me I wasn’t sharp.  Intellectually sharp, that is.  When I took umbrage at this he explained that he was by no means inferring I wasn’t smart, simply that unlike others, I lacked the ability to think quickly and articulate myself smoothly when put on the spot.  […]

On Networking

A very dear and hard-working friend of mine has made a name for herself amongst political circles. The “unfucker” they call her: if a situation or event seems fucked up, they request her services to help unfuck it. After much volunteering along the campaign trail, she has proved herself an indispensable component in the great […]